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Transforming evolving workplaces, without compromising security or compliance.

Industry-leading compliance and security, and a consulting-led approach enables deep understanding of data loss detection and prevention (DLD/DLP) to transform workplaces, that organizations can trust.

At the forefront of compliance and security, our consultative strategy fosters a profound grasp of data loss detection and prevention (DLD/DLP), revolutionizing work environments with solutions businesses can rely on.

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Enterprise print management software that collaborates with global print manufacturers to deliver class-leading solutions for the modern workplace.

FollowMe® solutions are trusted by IT and compliance teams of the top financial services, healthcare, and government organizations to secure and simplify how staff work with documents while eliminating costly audit and support headaches.

Working with print devices from any manufacturer, FollowMe® provides the widest range of document output features for head office, branch office and mobile printing environments. Within one solution, organizations have access to secure printing capabilities, Data Loss Prevention (DLP) for paper based processes, integrated compliance, and enterprise wide cost control.

71% of organizations have still not considered printing as part of their General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) strategy. With European GDPR firmly in force, information security policies need to ensure they protect important printed document information. Contact the FollowMe® team for a free security assessment to ensure your organization meets the GDPR compliance needs for printed document security.


With the number of data breaches and regulatory pressure on the rise, there are significant risks if the print environment is not secure. FollowMe can help protect valuable business data.

It is common for users to press print and forget to collect their documents from the printer, where confidential data is potentially being put at risk from prying eyes. With FollowMe, the user must be present to release their print jobs, which means no document is left vulnerable in the printer's output tray.

Desktop printers, which have high consumable costs, are no longer required to maintain privacy for departments printing sensitive information, such as HR or Finance. FollowMe’s secure release gives shared workgroup printers the equivalent security as desktop printers.

Data is also at risk when making its way to the printer and whilst held in the printer's memory. With FollowMe, data can be protected with full data encryption and device access is restricted only to authorized personnel to prevent misuse.

Utilizing systems to protect valuable data builds confidence and trust with internal and external stakeholders. With its extensive reporting capability, FollowMe provides the tools for organizations to prove their commitment to data confidentiality and comply with industry regulations.

Print costs and activity visibility are critical for cost management and industry compliance. FollowMe provides all the tracking and reporting capabilities for auditing and cost allocation.

The costs associated with office printing are often hidden, and many organizations don’t know how much they are spending on printing. If these costs are left unmanaged, they can quickly eat into an organization’s profit margin.

FollowMe gives transparency to see how much each department, user and device is costing the organization so any potential savings can be identified, and realistic budgets can be set and managed. 

For organisations which charge customers for printing costs, FollowMe provides intelligent billing capabilities to bill customers accurately.

Organizations are able to use FollowMe's tracking data to help comply with industry regulations such as the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA), Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) and Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX).

When using FollowMe, IT managers can see some of the hard copy savings simply by reviewing the volume of purged documents that would have otherwise been needlessly printed.

Whether working at home, in the office or remotely, there is always a need to print. FollowMe keeps users productive regardless of location.

With an increasingly mobile workforce, it is critical for employees to have the ability to print regardless of their location.

FollowMe creates a virtual environment for printing and allows users to roam and print securely when and where they require, totally independent of geographic location. If an output device fails or is out of service, there is no reason why this should affect user productivity, as FollowMe Printing allows users to simply walk to another device and release their print jobs.

Assistants who find it time-consuming and frustrating when they are unable to operate fully on their manager’s behalf will benefit from the Delegated Printing feature, which enables assistants to print securely on behalf of their managers. Delegated printing also enables departments to be productive during staff absence, as other staff can print on behalf of those absent.

Valuable time and resources are spent on administrating the print process and maintaining machinery. Find out how FollowMe eases the burden.

Organizations are often faced with a printing environment where the management of printers, copiers and scanners from multiple manufacturers is fragmented across departments and office locations. This makes it difficult, or often impossible, to manage the printing environment effectively, resulting in time being lost to administrating servers and printers.

Working with output devices from any printer manufacturer, FollowMe simplifies the printer network, enabling administrators to take control of the entire printing environment.

Many administrative tasks that were once a responsibility of IT or Operations have been automated in order to save valuable time and reduce workload.

General office printing is one of the largest under-managed costs in organizations today, with between 1% and 3% of revenue being spent on printing.

Forgotten or misprinted documents around the office are obvious signs that money is being wasted on paper, toner, and power. Regardless of the organization’s size and number of printing devices, FollowMe enables enterprises to save money by reducing unnecessary printing and optimizing the print process. It also delivers environmental cost savings, which can be measured in an enterprise’s carbon footprint reduction program.

FollowMe requires the user to authenticate when releasing their print job, giving the user an additional opportunity to decide if their documents should be deleted or printed. This level of accountability encourages users to make responsible print choices.

Reducing unnecessary printing and enabling users to share print devices securely via authentication can enable an enterprise to downsize printer fleets, delivering significant savings.

Finally, with FollowMe’s business intelligence engine, enterprises can enforce intelligent printing policies enterprise-wide in order to save costs, such as allowing color printing only when authorized by the business.

Frequently asked questions

How does FollowMe work?

FollowMe Printing works using your private cloud or a public cloud provider, and supporting your printing needs from user devices across multiple platforms and operating systems - through the use of a single roaming FollowMe printing print queue.

What is a vendor-agnostic solution?

Working with print devices from any manufacturer, FollowMe Printing provides the widest range of document output features for head office, branch office and mobile printing environments. Within one solution, organizations have access to secure printing capabilities, Data Loss Prevention (DLP) for paper based processes, integrated compliance, and enterprise wide cost control.

FollowMe works with, among others, Canon, Epson, HP, Sharp, OKI, Lexmark, Toshiba, Brother, Ricoh, Samsung, Xerox and Kyocera printers.

How is FollowMe licensed? FollowMe provides several licensing models to best meet the needs of your organization. Get in touch to find out more about our innovative approach to maxizing value and security for your print management needs.
How can I purchase FollowMe? Get in touch to find out how we can best meet your needs. We work directly with many customers, as well as having an extensive partner network in regions and countries where we have no direct presence.

Do you have any questions about your organization’s printing and scanning needs?

Leverage our extensive industry knowledge for your output management, compliance and security needs.