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Trusted by large Enterprises and Government organizations globally.

Ringdale's leading solutions, underpinned by FollowMe, help protect intellectual property, staff and customer information to meet and exceed regulatory and compliance requirements with our consultancy-led security-first approach, trusted globally by large Enterprise and Government organizations.

Ringdale - Secure & Compliant Output Management

Keep citizens’ data safe and compliant with centralized management, reporting and auditing.

The government sector today faces growing uncertainty. With ever-increasing regulatory privacy requirements and public expectations around data security and privacy, there is a greater than-ever need for effective data security and cost-efficient business processes. Our solutions help government organizations meet today’s and tomorrow’s technology and privacy challenges.

Ensuring confidentiality and integrity of patient data and regulatory compliance with regional and global information security standards.

Healthcare providers have plenty to worry about, without having to add managing risks in respect of maintaining the confidentiality and integrity of patient data in relation to printing. Our solutions provide robust, tailored solutions to meet, exceed and evidence compliance with regional and global information security standards (including HIPAA, GDPR and ISO 27001).

Reducing organizations information security risks, complying with regulatory requirements, while continually adapting to ongoing challenges of a hybrid workforce.

Hybrid workforces bring significant challenges to organizations with respect to where and how information can be consumed and printed, and the ability to monitor and control this centrally. When combined with the challenge of keeping customer's and staff’s personal identifiable information (PII) secure and proprietary information away from competitors, a flexible and robust solution to control, monitor and report on device, print and scan activity is essential.

Protecting confidential information of documents and printed data is essential, ensuring their integrity and availability is retained without compromising compliance and security.

Maintaining operational effectiveness, while protecting confidential information and intellectual property with differing divisional requirements can be challenging. Ensuring effective controls are in place to maintain compliance and security of the output management environment minimizes the risk associated with unintentional data loss.

Higher Education institutions have significant challenges in respect of the protection of intellectual property and managing print-related costs across a diverse set of operating divisions.

Many large university campuses include a complex variety of staff print environments where the flexibility to manage different print use cases, while maintaining a simple centralized administration and management is essential to minimize the risk posed by unintentional loss of staff or students personal identifiable information (PII) or intellectual property.


Complete compliant secure document output management, for organizations with adaptable, resilient and scalable secure print management.

Enabling full visibility and control across your document printing, copying and scanning environment. A completely printer manufacturer agnostic solution allowing organizations to have a standardized approach to printing information security across locations, regions or even the globe.



Helping organizations make informed decisions concerning output devices, business processes, and their document and print output management environments.

Leveraging our own research, extensive experience and unique expertise in this area, our approach is to understand your organization’s unique environment, business challenges and longer term goals. Our Consultants work with you to map out different opportunities to address these using the right combinations of people, process and technology.

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