Food industry is on the menu for hackers in 2021

Financial institutions, IT companies, government agencies and healthcare providers have always been high on the list for cyber criminals intent on breaching IT security and harvesting data for financial gain. However, based on recent cyber attacks in 2021, it would appear that criminals have found a new sector to add to the list – the Food Industry.

McDonalds the global fast food giant confirmed they had suffered data breaches in the U.S., South Korea and Taiwan following unauthorized activity on an internal security system that led to the data breach. In addition, JBS, the world’s largest meat processing company, recently paid out a US$11 million ransom to hackers, according to reports, following a cyber attack that shut down their meatpacking facilities in the US, Canada and Australia.

Up to now, IT security investment has not been seen see as a priority by Food industry leaders despite warnings from some experts about the risk of evolving cyber threats to the industry.

With the advent of increased automation and digitization, the Food industry is becoming more data-driven making the sector more attractive to cyber criminals. To protect organizations against this growing threat, IT leaders need to review their network infrastructure and identify areas of vulnerability. In this process, one key area that is often overlooked is the office and administrative environments where staff are accessing the IT network, and handling data and sensitive documents on a daily basis.

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